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Throughout this difficult period, we will continue to try to deliver the highest quality service.

However, there will clearly be restrictions on some aspects of what we and you might consider ‘normal’.

The main difference will be the frequency and duration of face-to-face meetings in the office and away from the office; the availability of any such meetings are subject to risk assessment and any intervening Government restrictions.

Update - 24th February 2021

With the country still in 'lockdown', we are maintaining the position that ALL client appointments will be held virtually on video conferencing or by telephone call where possible. We will correspond by post and e-mail. Only in exceptional or urgent cases will appointments be arranged at our offices.

Appointments at our office

In terms of appointments at the office, we will only be seeing one client (or set of clients) at a time and legal representatives will continue to work from home as much as possible but will of course attend the office for any client appointments that they have.

Your legal representative may want to discuss with you the necessity for an office-based meeting (should you request one) or whether a satisfactory and effective outcome can be achieved via alternative methods of communication.

If an office-based meeting is arranged, until the pandemic has passed, we will be implementing the following protocol:

  1. All appointments should be arranged as far in advance as possible;
  2. All appointments will be spaced at least 15 minutes apart and will ideally be no longer than 2 hours in duration;
  3. Before confirming the appointment, all clients will be asked to complete a Guile Nicholas Screening Form for Office Appointments;
  4. The above form must also be completed on the day of the appointment;
  5. Clients will be advised to arrive on time as they will not be able to wait in reception and appointments will have to end at the designated time if there is a following appointment;
  6. On arrival, clients will be required to sanitise their hands;
  7. If clients do not have their own face covering, they will be given a mask – this must be worn for the duration of the meeting;
  8. There should be no shaking of hands, social distancing (1m plus) should be maintained at all times and there should be no ‘sharing’ of stationery;
  9. After each attendance our staff will wipe down all surfaces/pens with antiseptic wipes and wash their hands immediately afterwards.

Please rest assured that an equally rigorous protocol will be followed by the legal representative you will be meeting with.

Appointments away from the office

All such appointments will be individually risk assessed and acted on accordingly – much of the above (in terms of screening and sanitisation) will apply.

Remote appointments by video conferencing or telephone

This remains our preferred method of communication, taking instructions and giving advice in order to protect you, the client, and our staff. 

Currently we are using Microsoft Teams and Zoom for video conferencing. Clients are free to express a preference for either platform.

In terms of contacting your legal representative, all our staff can be contacted directly via their extension/work mobile. Direct dial mobile numbers for most of our staff are on their individual bios on this website. Please navigate to 'Our People' to find the person you need to contact.

We thank you for your understanding in these challenging times.

Updated: 24.02.21