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Wills, Trusts & Probate

We can see clients in the office (with social distancing, screens, PPE, etc) or virtually on various video conferencing platforms - Zoom. Teams, WhatsApp, etc.

Thinking about making a Will at the best of times can difficult; now is far from the best of times for so many of us.  If the current Coronavirus Pandemic has prompted you to consider making a Will (without the need for face to face contact) please call or email one of our solicitors as above or see our article for further information:

Coronavirus and Making Your Will

It’s understandable that usually many people don’t think to worry about their future. It’s understandable that many don’t want to. But we must. Having a will is essential if you are married and/or have children and you only ever regret not arranging a power of attorney for your partner or parents when you find that you need one and realise that you now have to go to court to sort out their finances.

Getting wills and powers of attorney in place gives you considered control over your future. The longer we put-off getting these arrangements in place, the greater the chance that our future will end up controlling us.

Here at GN Law, our specialist Wills, Trusts and Probate department is dedicated to assisting clients to plan for their future and that of their families and provide legal advice and assistance following bereavement.

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