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GN Law Media: Dress to impress

Many employers have a dress code or issue guidance about what is and is not acceptable in the workplace.  Over time attitudes change and more often than not whereas personal hygiene issues would cause employers to pick up the phone, nowadays it is now more about tattoos and piercings. 

Sometimes there are health and safety reasons for having a dress code and other times it is to ensure uniformity of standards across the board.  Employers must be careful not to discriminate unlawfully in any dress code and must apply any code to both sexes even if the requirements are different. Employers should also consider whether any adjustments are required for disabled employees.

ACAS have issued guidance on some of the issues employers may want to consider when implementing a dress code and some best practice tips on how best to implement a policy or the first time or by way of an update.  


Sarah King, Solicitor/Consultant

Posted on Wednesday, 10th September 2014