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GN Law Media: The Mayor's 20:20:20 Metropolitan Policing challenge 2015 update

On 9th July 2015 MOPAC (Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime) released their latest annual report. The report gives an update on whether targets are being achieved or progressed in relation to the original Police and Crime Plan drawn up in 2013.

The plan’s key feature is known as the ’20:20:20 challenge’ to be achieved by 2016/17. This challenge sets out some key targets, for example, to have a 20% reduction in neighbourhood crime, 20% increase in confidence (75% target), 20% reduction in cost (£500m) and 20% reduction in youth reoffending (target 56.6%).

With those targets in mind, the report released on 9th July 2015 boasts some key achievements:

  • A reduction of neighbourhood crimes of 19.8% since March 2012.
  • Between 2013-15 the MPS sold off 59 underused sites worth £294m, and the New Scotland Yard building being sold is expected to net a further £370m.
  • Public confidence is at 67% (up from an original 62%).
  • Youth reoffending rates at 58%.

At face value – you would think this all appears very positive. But, taking a step back, there are reasons to remain cautious. Who is the story-teller? This is politics after all, and with it comes the potential of window dressing and ‘spin.’

Nevertheless, the report makes for interesting reading as to the state of policing in our capital. I will watch as things develop, including how the 2016 report will stack up in comparison.

Luke Cowles, Solicitor


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Luke Cowles, Solicitor

Posted on Thursday, 9th July 2015